N-Series Features


Comfortable Cabin

As expected from a long-hauling truck, the N-Series has a very ergonomic cabin which features a short shifting gear lever as well as an adjustable 2-spoke urethane steering wheel.

Tilting Cab Design

For easy repair and maintenance, the N-Series's cab tilts to access all the vital systems.


Easy Ingress/Egress

Improved door design and a non-slip step makes going in and out of the N-Series less of a hassle.

Vertical Air Intake

Protecting the N-Series from unexpected floods is a standard rear vertical air intake.  Incased in stainless steel, it's highly durable and easily serviced when needed.


Accessible Reserviors

Checking vital fluids such as brake and clutch fluids as well as the radiator and windshield won't be such a chore with these easily accessible tanks.

Leaf Springs

A much smoother ride is provided by improved progressive leaf springs for both front and rear axle.  They have also been engineered to give unparalleled service life.

Reinforced Frame

A box-type cross-sectional structure helps stiffen the frame for additional loads.  It also improves handling by adding rigidity to the entire frame.

Corrosion Protection

With an expected lifespan of over ten years, each N-Series truck undergoes an extensive corrosion protection system.  Incorporated during the painting process, it keeps the body free from rust.


Body Application for N*R Series



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