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Bus Features


Clean Diesel Engines

Powerful, refined and most importantly clean, Isuzu Buses are equipped with state-of-the-art direct-injection 4- and 6-cylinder diesel engines.

Air Suspension

Standard on the long-distance LV4 bus line, Isuzu's original air suspension technology gives an even smoother ride.


Dual - Circuit Braking

Standard on the LT1, LV1 and LV4 lines, this dual-circuit braking system improves braking reliability.  Park brakes are air controlled and can be applied easily for strong hold power.

Durable Chassis

A rugged ladder type frame forms the backbone of any Isuzu bus, and from there, depending on the variant, there are flexible suspension choices.

Shock Absorbing Wheel

The steering shaft will move by a maximum of 50mm in the event of a strong frontal impact and the wheel itself will deform minimizing the impact on the driver.

Magnetic Retarder

This technology, present in the LT1, LV1 and LV4 lines ensures stable braking on long downhill slopes and deceleration from high speeds.  It also improves the life of brake linings.

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