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Cool Deals for a Hot Summer PDF Print E-mail
Spice up the summer season with Isuzu Cool Deals for a Hot Summer Promo! Get BIG Cash Discount* and FREE fuel cards* when you purchase a brand new Isuzu Vehicle.
Cool Deals for Hot Summer  
Hurry! Go grab this promo now and be the first to enjoy the oozing hot season!
Promo Period : March 1, 2013 to March 31, 2013
*Please see posters and print ads for details
Bida ka sa Isuzu, Kababayan! PDF Print E-mail
Greetings to our OFW friends! Did you know that Isuzu Kababayan members are entitled to a PHP 5000 fuel card when they purchase an Isuzu vehicle? Sign up for free to be an Isuzu Kababayan now! 

Isuzu Kababayan 
Hot Summer Promo PDF Print E-mail
Hot Summer Promo
Get  20% Discount on Parts* and Labor*. Except Body Repair, Insurance Related Repair and Accessory Installation.
Go to your nearest Isuzu Gencars Dealership to avail the promo. 

Promo Period : March 1, 2013 to April 30, 2013

Lucky Savings Promo PDF Print E-mail
Lucky Savings Promo
Lucky savings details
20% Off Parts, 20% Off Lubes, 20% Off Labor PDF Print E-mail
20% Off Parts, 20% Off Lubes, 20% Off Labor

Promo Mechanics:



1. All Isuzu-authorized dealerships, including their branches and satellite offices,  Shall give the customers 20 percent discount on parts, lubes and labor charges,  as follows:

 a.     20 percent discount on the total cost of labor before VAT, except the following charges:

Body repair;


Any washing

Any detailing;

Insurance-related repair;


Accessory installation;

Any sublet repair (e.g. machining, calibration, radiator repair, rewinding)

Tinting; and

Providing job estimates


Discount for labor charges shall not apply to customers who bring their own parts. Labor rates per dealer, branch or satellite vary per location.


 b.    20 percent discount on the total cost of spare parts and consumables before VAT during servicing at an Isuzu-authorized dealership, except the following:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment and accessories such as batteries, tires, audio/video, LCD monitors, speakers, tweeters, subwoofers, roof baskets, bull bars, roll bars, grilles and the like;

Any non-Isuzu Philippines sourced accessories;

Sub materials (Rags, Sandpaper, Sealant, Cleaners)



 c.      20 percent discount on the total cost of the following lubricants and fluids before VAT during servicing at an Isuzu-authorized dealership:

Isuzu Genuine Motor Oil

IPC Econoparts SAE 10W30

Besco Engine Oil

Texamatic 1888 Automatic Transmission Fluid

Caltex Brake and Clutch Fluid

Isuzu Genuine Coolant

Thuban GL5 SAE 140 Gear Oil


2.   Over-the- counter parts, lubes and fluid sales are also entitled to 20 percent discount on the parts charges before VAT.

3.       This promo shall not be valid with any other dealership promotional offer. 

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